Video Verified Systems


  • Video verification confirms the cause of an alarm activation.
  • Eliminate false alarms.
  • Protect your family and staff.
  • Saves you money by reducing reaction time and promoting a positive response. Reduces the number of times key holders must attend site.


Is the low cost video verification solution.
How many times has your alarm activated? How many of those activation were false? Would you like to eliminate false alarms?
The Videofied System eliminates false alarms.
The system is completely wireless allowing for installation virtually anywhere.
Requires no wires and no power. It can be deployed and re-deployed quickly and cheaply.
Can save costs on security call outs for false alarms.
Fuel prices are soaring making diesel & home heating oil a profitable target for burglars. Videofied external detectors protect your property in all locations.
Can be installed in factories, quarries, farms, fuel depots homes, offices and shops.
Particularly suited for remote locations such as GSM towers, substations, pump stations, radio masts, fuel depots and the middle of nowhere.
Tried and tested the world over.
Complies with EN50131
The Videofied system can come as a standalone intruder system or be integrated into your existing system.


The motion detector cameras capture a video clip of what activates them.
The Videoed system then utilities the G.S.M. network to transmit the video clip back to a monitoring station.
This allows the monitoring station to, if necessary call the Gardaí to respond safe in the knowledge this is a genuine crime taking place.
The Gardaí and key holders are saved from responding to false activation.

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