Video Monitoring

Video monitoring confirms the cause of an alarm activation and then can proactively respond with voice response and individual warnings. Can help direct the Gardai in real time and act as witness to a crime.

Infrared_camera remote-04 Speaker_horn

Saves you money by reducing reaction time and promoting a positive response. Reduces the number of times key holders must attend site.

Can also reduce manpower costs by conducting virtual patrols, control entry and trigger, lights and other controls.


Each camera has a motion detector. When the motion detector is activated the system streams video from that camera instantly to the 24 hour control room and alerts the operator. They can see straight away the cause of the activation and can speak to the intruder with a warning to leave the area. This for over 90% of the incidents has the desired effect. If the intruder fails to comply the Gardaí are called. The operator can then guide and assist the Gardaí in the apprehension of the intruder. Every camera has infrared so there is no hiding in the dark.


Darwin designs a solution based around your needs, taking into account risk, budget, environment and operational requirements to build a system made for you. We use the advanced Heitel system which allows not only video monitoring but can also allow for remote gate and door control to allow after hours access for deliveries, drivers etc. The cost of installation will usually be recovered in under two years when based against the cost of on-site security personnel.

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