Smoke Cloak


  • Smoke Cloak is the ultimate in crime prevention.1Stock_IPX25_206x310px
  • Stops or delay thieves in their tracks.
  • You cannot steal what you cannot see!
  • Reduces losses.
  • Protect staff, customers and assets.

The Smoke Cloak is normally attached to your alarm system. When activated, SmokeCloak®, within seconds of a break-in the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog. This provides an effective barrier and forces the intruders to leave the premises. The protection can be enhanced further by the installation of a powerful IPL3000 strobe light and IPA 125 – Intolerable sound emitter.

Smoke Cloak is ideal for pharmacies, controlled drug storage, newsagents, jewelers, electrical goods, cash offices and service stations.

It is not real smoke but a glycol vapour and is completely harmless. It causes no damage to electrical goods, stocks or  premises. There are a number of safeguards built in to prevent false activation. Smoke Cloak can be set up to protect small high risk rooms or complete warehouses. Recommended from most insurance companies, recognized and proven worldwide.

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