Access Control

Access control allows you to control who goes where and when, throughout your area of concern.





Aliro represents the next generation of access control with a simplified portfolio of hardware enabling IP at the door, as well as traditional installation methods, intuitive web browser software and mobile apps. With simplified processes, and a highly intuitive “point and click” interface, both users and installers have the opportunity to utilize the benefits of Aliro with minimum training or technical support. Aliro provides system information in a smart and efficient manner. On board guided tasks ensure that even those new to Aliro are able to install and administer the system with ease.With a fresh approach, Aliro utilizes a single license from setup that enables simple and efficient programming of system functions and updates. The Web interface can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, as well as it is mobile applications, and provides flexibility to update the system online.

This system is perfect for existing buildings and complexes, pharmaceuticals, schools, apartments, factories, office blocks and remote sites.

                   Vanderbilt Aliro web


Each door is connected over your existing network and controlled by simple to use software which can also be operated by your smartphone.

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