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Access control allows you to control who goes where and when, throughout your area of concern.VIVOTEC SECURITY


  • Real-time recording in full 1080p HD.
  • Replace your old system in stages as recorders are compatible with older cameras.
  • Direct POS from cash register .
  • Keep track of every transaction.
  • Simple to use, cheap to install.
  • Full remote access over broadband via computer and smart phone.
  • Ideal for chain stores, pubs, pharmacies, petrol stations and newsagents.


  • cameras at homeSimple to use alarm system for your home.
  • Controlled by your smart phone.
  • Wired or wireless.
  • Fully integrated security system for your business.
  • Control your alarm and access control.
  •  Assign different codes for each staff member for complete security.
  • Ideal for high risk applications, banks, credit unions, jewelers, bonded warehouses, electrical goods storage and high-end retail.


  • IP CCTV is a camera systems offer you the best on quality and flexibility.
  • Set every individual camera up to suit the location.
  • Add or change the system quickly.
  • Flexible installation options.ExacqVision
  • Save money in smart system design and deployment.


  • The rapid deploying smoke cloak is the ultimate in crime prevention.
  • Stops thieves in their tracks.
  • You cannot steal what you cannot see!


  • Video verification confirms the cause of an alarm activation.
  • Eliminate false alarms.
  • Protect your Family and staff.IP GOOD
  • Saves you money by reducing reaction time and promoting a positive response.
  • Reduces the number of times key holders must attend site.


  • Video monitoring confirms the cause of an alarm activation.
  • Pro-actively respond with voice response and individual warnings.
  • Help direct the Gardai in real time and act as witness to a crime.

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